Learning Corona SDK for iOS and Android Development


Learning Corona SDK for iOS and Android Development. One of the challenges of developing games in the mobile space is the number of devices available. There’s iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, Blackberries (did I just say that one, never mind that, moving on). There’s a variety of devices and several of them are popular, especially the one’s without the name Blackberry in them. So how do we make a game or app that runs on these devices? I mean, isn’t the goal to get on what other people are using?

I’m a Beginner at Mobile Development for iPhone and Android

Jeff and I made Math Asteroids for the XBOX, Windows Phone and PC using C# and the XNA framework. We’re pretty darn good using C# and XNA to make games now (though we still lack in the graphic design/animation part). But we also know that Android and iPhone are kings in the mobile space. If we’re going to tap into the market there, we’ve got to find a way to build games for both easily.

I’m a noobie (a.k.a. beginner) when it comes to mobile development. Jeff (jjxtra) is the master. He’s my twin brother and a co-owner of Digital Ruby with me. Thankfully, I have years of web development and other programming experience, so hopefully picking up and using Corona SDK isn’t going to be that bad. Jeff and I did our research and we think this is our best shot at developing for Android and iPhone simultaneously.

What is Corona SDK?

Corona SDK is a software program that allows one to build applications and games for iOS and Android phones. There’s built in emulator’s that let you see how your program is working. The emulator simulates what it would actually look and feel like on the device of choice. This is handy for me because I’ll know if I’m making something that works or not.

There’s a trial version available on the Corona website. I had to go through a sign up and register process to get the download link. Once I got that, downloading and installing was pretty straightforward. Just remember your username and password because you’ll need it to install the software. My next step is to get a simple application working in the emulator’s the SDK provides. Here’s to hoping game development is easy using this software.

The Journey of Getting My First App Using Corona SDK

My goal is pretty simple with Corona SDK. Get it setup and create my first application or game with some text and possibly something moving around. If I can do that and it doesn’t take hours on end, I’ll start to feel pretty good about this. I’ve also got my twin brother Jeff to ask questions to as a resource. I have a feeling that the information I share about the Corona SDK will be particularly useful for beginner’s like myself – since we’re both in the same boat of having never used it.

If you are going to succeed as a game developer, especially for mobile games, you’ll want something that lets you develop for iPhone and Android simultaneously. Corona SDK is the software of choice Jeff and I are going to use. This is where learning Corona SDK for iOS and Android DevelopmentĀ begins. Now to save this article and see what I can do in creating an actual program with Corona SDK…

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