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Greetings. I’m Jeff Johnson and I founded Digital Ruby in 2009 in order to learn how to run a software company, teach myself mobile programming and expand my skills and knowledge. I craft all manner of software including mobile apps, websites, security and even Unity and visual fx.

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I Quit my Day Job (Again)


It was about 7 1/2 years ago I quit my last day job at Now today I have left as the vp of engineering due to personal health reasons and misalignment with top company management. I am taking a breather for a while and then plan to go full steam on IPBan Pro to ensure that it solves the problem of hackers, botnets and brute force login attacks.

To achieve this lofty goal I have to give it every ounce of time that I have. I still battle my brain issues but am becoming tougher and able to deal with them a little better, along with learning the diet and medications that help things.

Here’s to another great adventure!

IPBan Pro Update – March 2022


Hello humans of Earth,

IPBan Pro is beginning to pick up steam. As I optimize the simplicity, performance and feature-set, more and more people and organizations are turning to IPBan Pro to secure their computers.

Recently I started receiving cyber attacks from Asia against multiple domains of mine, including Unfortunately for the attackers I am running multiple layers of defense, including IPBan Pro itself 🙂

IPBan Pro is a threat to any organization or government that wants to harm or spread mis-information or limit the freedom of humans via cyber attacks. I see a future where IPBan Pro or other software of the like eliminates cyber attacks, malware, ransomware and a host of other attack vectors at very little cost.

As a species, we must out of necessity and out of our own desires for a better world move towards a global civilization that cooperates on global threats like climate change, disease, resource exhaustion and lack of equality and freedom.

Happy 2022!


It’s been over a year since the worst of my chronic health issues have flared up with only some relief. I am thankful that I’ve been able to find a way to live life despite the challenges.

The perspective that is continually burned into me is what we leave behind. Our legacy, our impact and the memory others have of us. This is all that matters in life.

Project-wise, I continue to work on and enhance IPBan Pro. The latest 1.7.0 updates greatly reduce memory usage and increase performance.

Here’s to a great year!

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