Connecting With Other Gamers


Connecting with other gamers. In building a game development company, one strategy Jeff and I could use is to just develop our games and put them out on the iPhone or Android app store and just sit and wait to see if they sell. We’ve done this before with games – 2 to 3 star games (out of 5), and seen about 1-3 sell every few days or so (for 99 cents) on the iPhone app store. But we’ve made all those games free now. We can’t justify selling 2 to 3 star games.

So you can expect some amount of small sales if you make an average game and get it out there. But this isn’t going to get you a full fledged game development company you can work full-time at. Not unless you make hundreds of these average games quickly (and not having the games be clones or spam).

I wonder if it makes sense to start reaching out and connecting with other gamers, game development companies, game marketers, etc… and see if that might help our business. For all I know, it could have no effect whatsoever. But since Jeff and I have never done this before, it’s worth at least trying. If I Make that one connection that creates a big break for Jeff and I and hopefully that person who got connected with us, then connecting with other gamers could be the most important thing I do.

How To Reach Out

One way to reach out is to just start commenting on website blogs and forums. That might be a great way for connecting with other gamers. I have a feeling if I just post on the forum or website, “Hey, we’re starting a game company, check us out,” that won’t really create a win-win situation or interest. There has to be a better way than that to reach out to someone online.

I think coming up with some insights on the website or forum post comes first. To do that, I will actually have to read some of the content on the website. I read pretty fast so this isn’t a problem. Then when I make the connection with the gamer, I’ll say, “I noticed…” or “How about this…” Hopefully this creates more depth to the conversation and creates a connection.

3 Contacts A Day

As part of getting Digital Ruby going, I’m going to challenge myself to make 3 connections a day. This includes both researching and finding connections, and taking the time to respond to them on their website, blog, forum, or whatever it may be. I’ll only connect with people who I feel are genuine and adding value to the game development or gaming arena in some fashion. After connecting, I may add them to the Ruby Gamers page, where I am keeping track of all those making an impact in the gaming world.


Jeff and I could just release our games on the various iPhone and Android app stores and see what happens. But I believe the connection to real people is going to play a big role in the success of our business. And not just a connection where I say, “Hey, let’s join forces,” after having never met the person online. But sharing insights into what that person is saying or doing and looking to collaborate. Who knows, maybe we’ll get some people commenting here on this website due to that 🙂

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