The Cheapest Dedicated Server

I’m always on the look out for who is providing the cheapest dedicated server. A cheap server means nothing if there is lots of downtime or crappy bandwidth.

I’ve had experience using OVH, 1and1 and Codero. OVH by far is giving me the best deals via specs on the server and quality of service.

Here’s the rundown of my two servers, specs are nearly identical except storage.

CPU: 3.4 ghz Intel Xeon E3 1245v2, Quad Core with Hyper Threading
RAM: 32 GB
Storage: 2 x 120 GB Hardware RAID 1 SSD for one, and 2 x 2 TB Hardware RAID 1 Spinning Platter for the other
NIC: 250 Mb (Megabit) UNMETERED
Backup: 100 GB
OS: Windows Server 2012 Standard (I have my own licenses and they let you install your own image which is AWESOME)

The CPU, RAM and Storage is vastly cheaper than any other dedicated server I have seen on the market, but what really sold me on these servers is the unmetered 250 Mb (megabit) connection. I run You Doodle and tons of other websites off these servers and network responses are always very fast. You Doodle has 40,000 daily active users downloading stamps and frames and my network utilization never goes above 5%!

What would you expect to pay for all this? I’m paying 120 USD a month. I prepaid for 12 months, so I will actually get 3 months free once my 12 month term expires due to their loyalty policy – so it comes out to even less than 120 USD a month as long as you prepay.

I used the Amazon cost calculator to see what it would cost to get two instances that were comparable and it came to a whopping $3500 USD a month. As a solo indie developer, using cloud storage just doesn’t make sense. I can scale with more OVH servers if I need to, but I am no where near saturation. Even buying my own servers and putting them in a data center doesn’t make sense because of the amazing unmetered bandwidth I get. This kind of bandwidth would be far more expensive in a rented rack in a data center.

Oh did I mention that OVH and SoYouStart (same company basically) have a very fast turnaround time if your server goes down for any reason. Very nice monitoring is setup on all dedicated servers.

What are you waiting for? Go check out the cheapest dedicated servers for yourself!

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