IPBan Pro Update – March 2022

Hello humans of Earth,

IPBan Pro is beginning to pick up steam. As I optimize the simplicity, performance and feature-set, more and more people and organizations are turning to IPBan Pro to secure their computers.

Recently I started receiving cyber attacks from Asia against multiple domains of mine, including ipban.com. Unfortunately for the attackers I am running multiple layers of defense, including IPBan Pro itself 🙂

IPBan Pro is a threat to any organization or government that wants to harm or spread mis-information or limit the freedom of humans via cyber attacks. I see a future where IPBan Pro or other software of the like eliminates cyber attacks, malware, ransomware and a host of other attack vectors at very little cost.

As a species, we must out of necessity and out of our own desires for a better world move towards a global civilization that cooperates on global threats like climate change, disease, resource exhaustion and lack of equality and freedom.

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