Zombie Game with Unity3D – Part 1

I finally have some spare time and I’ve started working on my Zombie game. At least that’s what my 6 year old daughter calls it. “Dad, can we work on Zombie game?”. Love hearing that. I’ve been teaching myself Unity3D and figured this would be a good casual game to do that. I’ve found Unity3D to be extremely easy for setting up a scene, getting a parallax background going and adding a rag-doll Zombie.

I made a parallax script that I am going to put on the Unity asset store for free. The rag-doll part was pretty easy to make using hinge joints. It’s important to disable collision on all of the rag-dolls body parts, otherwise they aren’t able to rotate very much. I did this by putting them all in a player layer and turning off collision on that layer with itself in the physics properties for the project. Restricting the angle on the hinge joints to sensible values can give your rag-doll a much more stiff appearance, which is good for what I want. I want it to behave like a Zombie, I don’t want the arms flailing around in 360 degree arcs.

Here are some early screenshots:

The Zombie at rest


The Zombie rag-dolls a bit as the hover-board moves down


I’ll be posting updates as this game comes along. My goal is to finish it by the end of the year.

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