Brain and Inner Ear Battle

Given some recent health challenges I am having, I thought it appropriate to share an update on my personal health as it definitely impacts my ability to operate my business at peak efficiency.

Last year (2019) in November I had an episode of vertigo in the middle of the night. Never having this before I was extremely concerned as I felt very off balance. This led to a trip to the ER and several scans of my brain, all of which came back normal. Fast forward to September of this year and the same thing happened – only this time I didn’t go to the ER. These vertigo attacks lasted about a week and were heavily influenced by my head position. I am still dealing with dizziness, extreme noise sensitivity, migraine/brain zaps, anxiety and tinnitus (a high pitched and low bass vibration noise in my ears). My ENT thinks Menierre’s disease is unlikely and that this is instead BPPV and a chronic vestibular migraine, since I have no significant hearing loss. This doesn’t rule Menierre’s out for me. Mentally and emotionally I simply have to prepare myself to get diagnosed with Menierre’s at some point.

For now, I am cleaning up my diet, taking migraine and inner ear supplements, along with anti migraine medication and hope that my condition starts to improve. Every day and night is a battle of will. Sleep is very difficult with the neurological issues plus tinnitus. I’ve never had such a debilitating condition that has forced me to ask questions like “how bad do you want to be here?” or “what is absolutely most important to you?”. Despite the trial that this is inflicting upon me, it is changing me as a person for the better I believe. I’ve never had a chronic condition last this long and be this severe. The last battle I fought like this was in 2015 with a severe H-Pylori infection in my stomach. What I am dealing with now feels 10x harder.

I appreciate all of your patience as I work through these issues and try to get my health to a manageable level. Thanks for your support of my You Doodle app, Unity assets and IPBan Pro. I really appreciate it and wish all of you much health and happiness!

– Jeff

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Jamie Trinh
Jamie Trinh
2 years ago

Hi Jeff, I found your blog while searching for h pylori treatment as I am currently dealing with it. I came across this post and wanted to share that I had the same inner ear issues as you about 4 years ago. It started with dizzy spells and then i had really bad tinnitus in both ears. I had multiples visits to urgent care and finally went to ER and referred to audiologist which said that I had lost 80% hearing in my right ear. It was the worst experience because I heard really loud pitch noises and low rumbling… Read more »