Month: March 2014

If you are asking yourself the question “Why does my iOS app rank drop or plummet?”, this article is for you. Many of you have no doubt released an iOS app and seen encouraging rankings during the first week your

I’ve been using TexturePacker to do all the sprite sheets for my iOS games and so far I have been impressed. Simply drag and drop your png files to the app and that’s it. There are plenty of advanced options

I’m always on the look out for who is providing the cheapest dedicated server. A cheap server means nothing if there is lots of downtime or crappy bandwidth. I’ve had experience using OVH, 1and1 and Codero. OVH by far is

It is absolutely amazing how making a paid app free will result in exponential increases in downloads. Yesterday (2014-03-14) we made You Doodle Pro free temporarily. It was priced at 2.99 USD and was getting about 20-30 downloads a day.

In You Doodle (as of 2014), I have two revenue streams from advertising: iAd and AdMob. I give a simple comparison of AdMob vs iAd below: iAd Pros: – Super easy to integrate (Add an ADBannerView or ADInterstitial, on iOS

Greetings Internet traveler! Birdshot, the insanely difficult yet very rewarding shoot the cartoon birds game is now available for your iOS device. Download Birdshot now

This morning I searched on my iOS device for the phrase “Bird Flight” to see where my new Flappy Bird clone ranked. Yesterday it ranked #1 for the phrase “Bird Flight”. Today it is ranked #7 for the phrase “Bird