Putting Ads in You Doodle

Back in February of 2013 I considered putting ads in You Doodle hoping to raise revenue. There were some big features I wanted to add that needed to get paid for. I decided against ads because You Doodle was originally put on the App Store without ads. Since all the users were used to the app not having ads, I did not want to annoy them.

Today I have changed my mind for a couple of important reasons, namely:

  • No users have complained about You Doodle Plus, a version of You Doodle that does have ads.
  • I estimate I can double the daily revenue or more of You Doodle by adding the ads.
  • By adding a remove ads in app purchase and also having the pro version upgrade remove the ads, more in app purchases should result, which will also increase revenue.
  • By doubling the revenue, I can afford to add more cool features and continue maintenance of the app which benefits everyone.

Since the app is free and offers a lot of nice functionality that doesn’t require in app purchase, I don’t feel bad at all anymore about adding ads to the app.

At some point I hope to move beyond the simple banner ad and find a better way to engage users for free.

You Doodle Free - Digital Ruby, LLC
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