My Last Day – I Quit my Day Job

Today was my last day at, a place I have worked at for 10 years. They have been very good to me and my family and I could not have asked for a better day job while supporting my family and learning aspects of large scale back-end and mobile development. It’s a surreal feeling quitting a comfortable and cushy day job.

I’ve quit to move on to do my own business full time – this means mobile apps, and possibly desktop apps later. As of now, You Doodle (and our savings account) is all that is supporting my family. I have had my fair share of doubts and fear as I make this transition, wondering if I can make it work, or whether I’ll be out looking for another day job in another year. I believe I can make it work. There are many obstacles, probably the greatest of which are my own fear and doubt.

I am certainly not the smartest nor the most talented person in the software realm. I hope that I somewhat compensate for this with a grizzly work ethic and by being persistent.

Therefore it is time for a classic scene about having faith and believing in an outcome when the path is not clear. Enjoy this clip and apply it in your own lives.

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Ben Hutchins
9 years ago

Inspiring! And not just the video. Follow the dream. You can always get another 9-5 corporate job. You can’t always get your dream back. I only wish my dream were as far along as yours is. Congrats!