Extreme Airplane Turbulence

The worst turbulence I have ever been in was about one and a half hours worth of “moderate” turbulence from Hawaii back to the USA. The intensity wasn’t horrifying it was just how long it was constantly jiggling the plane around.

I’ve always wondered what “Severe” or “Extreme” turbulence was like and I’ve scoured YouTube numerous times and seen lots of videos, and while showing some bumps, none of the videos ever had any screaming. Well, I found this gem on YouTube today:

I’ve never been in turbulence that bad. If you listen to the announcement at the end of the video, the captain apologizes and said it’s the worst he’s ever seen. I guess they were flying over a nasty thunderstorm cloud.

There’s a few curse words for those who don’t like that sort of thing, so be warned.

Can’t wait til we invent inertial dampeners 🙂

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