Month: October 2013

The iOS App Store has a Spam Problem

I spend a lot of time in the Photo / Video category of the iOS app store. That’s mainly because I have an app, You Doodle that’s in the app store and ranked about 100 on any given day in

As it Matters in Battle

I’ve often thought of an iconic scene from the movie Braveheart and how it pertains to software development. The clip is entitled “As it Matters in Battle” and is shown here: How in the world does this even relate to

My thoughts on the Aviary (Image Editor SDK)

I recently considered putting the Aviary SDK into You Doodle to give people who are used to it’s functionality an opportunity to use it inside You Doodle itself. Looking over the features of the Aviary SDK free version it looks

Muggles and Wizards

If you thought this was about Harry Potter, you are partially correct. I have an analogy I’d like to use, but first let’s get a very quick refresher about what a muggle and wizard are. In Harry Potter, a muggle