My thoughts on the Aviary (Image Editor SDK)

I recently considered putting the Aviary SDK into You Doodle to give people who are used to it’s functionality an opportunity to use it inside You Doodle itself. Looking over the features of the Aviary SDK free version it looks great except for one obvious crippling feature left out – high resolution images. The free SDK can only output a 1 megapixel image (1024×1024). Most smart phone and tablet cameras are capable of at least 5 megapixels these days, so that seems unfortunate. Obviously, the Aviary team needs to make money and by crippling the free SDK in this manner they are hoping to drive people to buy the 120 USD / month license to output higher resolution images.

Personally I’d like to see the free version increased to 4 megapixel images as it is essentially useless without this ability.

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