Url Monitoring Service

Over the weekend I wanted to see if I could create a useful software product. I decided on a url monitoring application that was highly configurable. After abour four hours of work I came up with version one of a url monitoring service. It is very configurable and includes the following:

– Unlimited urls
– GET, POST and PUT with uploading strings or text
– Email if something is unexpected or the response on the url changes
– Frequency at which to check a url
– Customize the http headers sent with the url check

The tool should work great on a dedicated Windows server, although a Linux server should work as well under Mono.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy the tool.

Find the project on github and download now!

If you liked this tool and feel so inclined, please feel free to donate so we can make more cool software.

13 comments on “Url Monitoring Service
  1. RvdH says:

    Hi jjxtra,

    I know this post is quite old and you are probably very busy with IpBan (I noticed the commits on github last few days), but would it be possible read the responsestream, filter out and remove certain Html elements (either by ID or Class) and save it back to the memory stream before the md5 hash is calculated?

    For example by using the HtmlAgilityPack, and remove a hidden input element holding a random session ID, something like this:


  2. Hi Jeffrey!

    The UrlMonitor.csproj is missing from the git repository.

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