Props to Amazon Customer Service

On February 1st I ordered a Crucial M4 512 GB solid state drive from Amazon Warehouse Deals. The drive arrived a couple days later and sat in my office for two months unopened. Tonight I decided I needed to get it installed and so I opened it up, stuck it in my computer and turned it on. Once I got into Windows I went to the disk manager to format this drive. To my astonishment I was looking at a Corsair solid state drive of 128 GB. I pulled out the drive and checked the labels. They identified the drive as a Crucial M4 512 GB drive, but the hardware interface does not lie, this is indeed a Corsair 128 GB solid state drive.

Amazon has a 30 day return policy but I figured what the heck, let’s see what they say. I called them and explained that someone had put a false label on the drive and that it was not what I ordered. Initially the lady on the phone pointed out the 30 day return policy, but then said let me put you on hold and see what I can do. Two minutes later she came back and said that return labels had been sent to my email address and that I would receive a full refund. Wow. I am impressed and thankful that they were understanding of the situation and that I am not out 340 USD for my purchase. Yes I should have tested the drive the moment I got it, but I have been crazy busy the last few months with no time to tinker with hardware.

I would definitely recommend Amazon to anyone, they are awesome. I have had similar positive experiences when dealing with their Instant Video department as well.

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