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Recently I was trying out a certain Unity asset from the asset store. I was hoping to use it in a 2D project of mine. Excited by the description, demo videos and screenshots, I purchased the asset and attempted to get it working in my 2D game. After tweaking a few rotations and lines of script, I finally had lasers firing in the correct direction. Unfortunately as I dug futther, I realized that all the lighting and physics was hard-coded to 3D. At this point I realized that it would be more work than worth it to convert the code to handle 2D mode.

I contacted the developer for instructions. They replied that I simply had to drag and drop prefabs and everything would work as-is. This was simply not true. Finally I gave up and asked refund. The developer refused. I then took to writing a scathing review about how horrible their customer service was. They replied to the review calling me a troll. Privately they emailed back saying they would refund the purchase if I removed the review. I did remove the review and they did finally refund me. I’ll never buy from this developer again.

There were only two proper responses:
1] I’m sorry sir, we will go through the code and make it support 2D mode ASAP or
2] I’m sorry sir, we have no plans to make this work with 2D, we will refund you immediately

As a solo developer, I don’t have control over very much. But I do have control over how hard I work, and how good my customer service is. If someone wants a refund from any of my Unity plugins, ever, for any reason, I will try to fix their problem ASAP if they are willing to wait a day or two. If this doesn’t work, I give them their money back immediately.

I emplore you who sell digital goods whoever you are to adopt a similar policy.

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