Month: February 2015

Today I did a major testing session in my app, You Doodle. I focused heavily on the frames tool. In doing this testing I found two major bugs that were really nasty. My filters were removing transparent areas out of

Those who succeed posses important attributes such as talent, charisma, money and luck. These attributes are very important to success, but there is one characteristic that I rank higher than all of those combined – that is sheer determination, grit

I am working on a new app that will allow drawing on top of a video in real-time. There are a variety of uses cases, such as live sporting events, adding notes or funny doodles, as well as pointing stuff

I finally have some spare time and I’ve started working on my Zombie game. At least that’s what my 6 year old daughter calls it. “Dad, can we work on Zombie game?”. Love hearing that. I’ve been teaching myself Unity3D