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Welcome to my Unity assets. Please let me know of any feedback or bug reports.

Return Policy: If you are not amazingly satisfied for any reason within 14 days of purchase and I can’t fix your problem, contact me with your order information for a full refund.

41 comments on “Unity Plugins
  1. Justin Lee says:

    Hi, just want to ask before purchasing, do the lightning asset works on unity 5.4.2?

    Thank you.

  2. Adam says:

    Hi Jeff, we use the Fingers plugin (version 3.0) in our project. So far we used  only the double tap gesture support. It works fine, we did not have any issues with it. Now are trying to use the pan gesture support, but it does not seem to work as expected.

    If I add Debug.Log(“pan = ” + gesture.State); to PanGestureCallback() in DemoScript I see the gesture statue is either ‘Possible’ or ‘Failed’, but never ‘Executing’, therefore the if inside this method is never executed.

    Do you know what is wrong? Why pan gesture status is never ‘Executing’?

  3. fengquan zhang says:

    Dear Jeff,

    Thank for you contributes!

    I need a model of earth, and find it from the website:


    Your work is so good. I want to make a space game on Android phone. But the model cannot be used in Android. The lighting cannot be seen. So, I want to ask if have any problem about you model。Please check it and tell me how to use it on Android device。And the desk computer is good using your model.

    The test device is sumsung phone S6.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you so much!


  4. greg says:

    Jeff the update worked no more freezing with lightning strikes ty for the fix and quick response to it now that its fully fuctional i love it even more and the audio for the thunderstorm is far better than the other weather assets I’ve purchased as well as the visual effects, wonderful work.

  5. greg says:

    hello Jeff i purchased your Weather Maker for use in Unity projects and i love the asset but im having an issue with lightning strikes freezing my whole scene whenever a flash occurs, froze my scene on both PC’s and Mac. have you had this issue before or just with 5.4 Unity update?

  6. Mark says:

    Thanks for the great free Pyro Particle app. I am getting the following error with the flamethrower:

    layer numbers must be between 0 and 31
    UnityEngine.Physics:IgnoreLayerCollision(Int32, Int32)
    DigitalRuby.PyroParticles.FireBaseScript:Awake() (at Assets/Special Effects/PyroParticles/Prefab/Script/FireBaseScript.cs:81)

    Any thoughts about how I can resolve this issue?

    Thanks again

  7. phylony says:

    hi  jjxtra,does the mirror support vr mode?

  8. Allen says:

    How can I update a previously created line? Is there any way or not? I have a series of line which make a big line, I need to update several lines in this series in order to update the big line.

    • jjxtra says:

      I’ll add a method to do this in an update. For now you’ll need to reset and redo the entire line list.

      • Allen says:

        Hi Jeff, Thank you for adding ChangePosition method. However, there is a problem with that. While I’ve added 598 lines, I just can change position of first line (index 0), the only result of attempt to change any other line is an exception (ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range).

        I tried to trace it, here is the log info:
        // “4” is for rescale
        r.ChangePosition(i, firstPos, lastPos);

        // Here is the cause of problem
        List vertices = verticesLists[listIndex];

        Trace log:
        index: 0 // index I’ve passed
        listIndex: 0 // ChangePosition’s local variable
        verticesLists.Count: 1
        index: 1
        listIndex: 4
        verticesLists.Count: 1

  9. Chris says:

    Hi just updated the Procedural lightning and want to use the lighting on mesh effect, but my project is 5.1.4 and I have reasons to not update.  The description states only a few minor tweaks are needed to get it running on earlier versions.  Where can I find those tweaks and will that break it for my other more updated projects?

    Thx.  Brilliant effects btw.

    • jjxtra says:

      There are just two lines of script changes needed. When you attempt to load pre 5.3 you’ll get two compile errors. There are comments above both lines with the pre 5.3 code needed.

      • Chris says:

        I only get one initial compile error and after I swap out those lines I get this:

        Assets/ProceduralLightning/Demo/Scripts/DemoPlayerControllerScript.cs(41,29): error CS0234: The type or namespace name SceneManagement' does not exist in the namespace UnityEngine’. Are you missing an assembly reference?

        There is no code to swap out on this one…

        • Chris says:

          If I comment out that and one other SceneManagement reference I get a slew of other UnityEngine reference errors on lines 114 to 120 of LightningBoltScript.cs… I hope I’m missing one silly little line somewhere…

          • jjxtra says:

            I’ll email you a snippet for those lines. You must be on a really early 5.X Unity version.

          • jjxtra says:

            Actually can you email jjxtra@gmail.com? Easier than going through this WordPress comments.

          • jjxtra says:

            Replace 114 to 120 with this:

            // earlier Unity 5.X use these lines:
            // mesh.vertices = vertices.ToArray();
            // mesh.tangents = lineDirs.ToArray();
            // mesh.colors32 = colors.ToArray();
            // mesh.SetUVs(0, texCoordsAndGlowModifiers);
            // mesh.SetUVs(1, fadeLifetimes);
            // mesh.normals = ends.ToArray();
            // mesh.triangles = indices.ToArray();

  10. Arthur says:

    While looking for lightning effects for our game, stumbled across your plugin.

    I was quite fascinated by what i’ve seen at screenshots and vids but there are a lot of questions.

    How resource-heavy is it? How much drawcalls does it use? Will our game lose a lot of performance with it?

    Is there any way to study any impact on performance before buying it?

  11. Josh says:

    I just bought and have the lightning working in my 2d game.

    The problem is that the thickness is HUGE  beyond imagining, like it takes up half my screen for the thickness of a bolt.

    I have a ortho camera set to depth 6.

    Is there sometime else I need to do?

  12. James K says:


    How does Advanced Lightning perform on mobile? I would prefer not to buy it if I will only need to omit teh effects after profiling. 🙂



    • jjxtra says:

      The lightning performs well, as long as you don’t try higher generations. A value of 3-5 works best on mobile, depending on device. The lightning also supports the current quality setting, so if you are on mobile and you’ve enabled the quality setting, it will tone down everything on mobile as well.

  13. River says:

    Hi,  can I have more than one mirror in a scene, and let mirrors reflect each other with Magic Mirror Reflection ?

    It says it has recursion option for multiple mirrors in the introduction, but I found the first reviewer said “only ONE mirror can be in the scene “.


  14. Lex says:

    Do you know your webplayer demo for Lightning plugin doesn’t work?

    I’m opening this page: http://www.digitalruby.com/download/temp/LightningGenerator/

    And here’s what I see: http://c2n.me/3hZfLTj

    The video is impressive. But if official demio doesn’t work… it kind of worries me and stops from buying it. I don’t need a stunning effect which only works in the editor won’t work in a browser game itself.

    • jjxtra says:

      Press spacebar and do you get a bolt? Mac pc or Linux?

      • Lex says:

        Ah, my fault. Sorry for false alarm. Yes, they appear on spacebar.

        After checking out several lightning assets I didn’t read the description and expected the effect on the demo would just appear. Sorry for false alarm.

        But effect looks a little odd when many bolts are generated with short lifetime: http://c2n.me/3i0Rs6n
        This becomes extremely noticeable when you press spacebar while moving the anchor. Sometimes bolts are not generated, only glow is there.

        I’m going to buy it anyway now. Just letting you know about this strange behavior.

        • jjxtra says:

          Yes, with 10 bolts on such a low duration, they barely have one frame to appear. The glow stays around for just a tiny bit longer than each bolt, hence the after glow you are seeing. I am working on optimizing the asset for a new version that will render the fade in and out plus the billboard all on the GPU. This should give vastly improved CPU performance and much fewer draw calls compared to the line renderer.

        • jjxtra says:

          Just FYI I submitted an update that is now on the asset store that renders the glow and the lines in a single shader, giving vastly improved performance vs the line renderer. The glow now fades in and out exactly with the lines.

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