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Welcome to my Unity assets. Please let me know of any feedback or bug reports.

Return Policy: If you are not amazingly satisfied for any reason within 14 days of purchase and I can’t fix your problem, contact me with your order information for a full refund.

Weather Maker – 2D and 3D Weather System
Procedural Lightning – GPU Based, Highly Robust
Fingers – Simple yet Powerful Gestures for Unity
Magic Mirror Reflection – Great Performance
Fast Line Renderer – Line & Particle System on the GPU
Pyro Particles – Fire and Spell Effects!
Rain Maker with Advanced Lighting
EZ Thread – Easy Threads, Simple Script
Simple LUT Color Adjuster – Runs Right in the Editor
Advanced Polygon Collider – Simplified Vertices
Sprite Sheet Creator – Animator or Scene to Sprite Sheet
Volumetric Lightsaber with Animation + Sounds
Simple Sound Manager – Robust, Powerful, Easy
Simple Lightning / Electricity Effect
Spawning Pool – Fastest and Easiest Cache
Tween – Tiny, powerful and free Tween framework
Earth Planet – Separate Layers, Atmosphere
Animated Line Renderer – Great for Beam Weapons
Free Parallax 2D – Super Easy Integration
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10 days ago

I’ve been using magic mirror and i’m trying to get a kind of mirror shatter, i’d like to know if it is possible to make the mirror a triangular shape rather than square. if this isn’t possible then i’d like to know how to freeze the mirror texture so it stops reflecting and instead just shows a still texture of what the mirror was showing.
Thank you for making such an amazing free asset!

Last edited 10 days ago by Cormac
2 months ago

Hi Jeff,
thanks to your new Fingers update 2.9.6. Great job.

We are still waiting for your update to the new InputSystem.
It slowly becomes time for that.

Cheers, Danner

3 months ago

Hi mate, I just purchased your weather maker system for Unity 3D but it seems to have trouble rendering in Universal Render Pipeline. I cant get the clouds to display. Wondering if there is something I have missed as I have upgraded all the materials? Cheers

3 months ago

hey . i need some help. How can I make it so that when I press play, it automatically sets clouds to heavy(dark)??? could’nt find the setting anywhere. Also is it possible to do something super custom like heavydark + rolling clouds + silent lighting in the far distance or very faint sounding?

4 months ago

Really enjoy weathermaker and have been very impressed so far, however I’m running into a problem when i have heavy clouds like the storm profile during the day. When i have those conditions the edges of things like trees in a terrain show a bright silvery halo against the sky – I’m assuming because the skybox is still technically a bright day where as the background of the grey clouds are dark. Is there an easy way around this or am i doing something wrong? Thx -Ben

3 months ago
Reply to  jjxtra

Just pulled the latest update (5.9.12), deleting the old folder and doing a clean import and the problem is gone. Thank you very much! -Ben