My Familiar Died

I wanted to take a break from writing about software and just share about my dear dog’s passing recently. It has touched me far more than I thought it would…

Friday, January 31 2020 at 7:05 p.m., my dog and friend Piper passed away. It was fairly sudden. She was old, about 16 years old and was winding down in life. But she had literally gone up the stairs just fine the night before. Similar to my mom’s passing a year and half ago, it came very suddenly. I was able to stay with Piper when I got home from work for about 60 minutes while she gave her last howls and final breaths. There is a hole in me that will always remain. I will eventually return to some level of normal in life, but will always remember Piper. She was loyal, loving, playful, friendly and always willing to listen and give puppy kisses. What a great example to me, I still have a long way to go to be as good as a life-form as Piper was.

We can learn a lot from a dog. At 42 years old I am probably at my midway point in life. Hopefully I can take the memory of Piper and try to make the next 40 or so years that much better with her memory. The lesson I still have yet to learn is to cherish every moment, give kind loving attention daily to those in your family / pack and never ever take anyone or anything for granted.

As I reflect on life, death and what we leave behind, things like money, stock prices, arguments, personal recognition and material things very quickly become entirely irrelevant. I feel that in myself the last few days. I think that is a good thing. Thank you Piper for being such a great teacher and friend, you will be dearly missed.

RIP Piper Ann Johnson, 2004-2020

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7 months ago

I know how you feel, my dog passed a few years ago as well at the age of 14. I still miss her but over time, even though you still miss them, it will get better. Your dog looked like a fun dog! I bet she had a good life with you and your family.

10 months ago

I’m truly sorry to read your beloved dog has ventured on to a better place. She’s beautiful. It’s amazing how unexpectedly they change our lives, and always for the better. They stuck me with my moms lil doxie Penny after she passed, I say stuck me cause at the time I felt a dog is the last thing I needed. How wrong I was, she was exactly what I needed. Actually she’s the only thing I need and I can’t bear the thought of without her, So my heart goes out to you and the fam and I really like… Read more »