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I’ve spent the last three months working on Video Brush, a new and I think unique app on the app store that combines the You Doodle drawing tools with video. I am proud to present Video Brush, free on the App Store.

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22 comments on “Video Brush App
  1. Salkin says:

    what happened to the app since it been taken down? do you plan to keep it down forever or bring it back in some way?

  2. Nick says:

    Hey there. Great app – very unique. A bit clunky at the moment but I hope you pick it up again and push forward with it as I think it has great potential and lots of people would use it (especially a lot of kids to make their vids fun). A suggestion I have involves inserting a pic, eg a gif. Inserting one is fine, but moving it around is hard. The scissors ‘cut’ function works, but lacks the ‘paste’ option, leaving a re-insert to foreground as a slower option. Some sort of onion skin function combined with a paste would be perfect, allowing a more controlled animation of an object over the video – I can see people using that a lot!! Hope you keep going with the app – all the best…

  3. Frank Rossi says:

    Great app.  I’m noticing on my iPad Pro 9.7″ that the voiceover ends up with clicking noises for some reason periodically and when I upgraded to the iPad Pro 10.5″ last week, the voiceover on the exported video was slowed down.  This might be because of the GPU vs. CPU upgrades in the newer tablet, but I’m not sure.  I tried a couple times and had similar results.  You can find the videos for examples of the audio quality/clicking on my Facebook account ([email protected] is the easiest way to search for me).  Again, though, it’s a great app.  Thanks!  – Frank

  4. jim says:

    Do you have this for PC laptop would be great


  5. tori says:

    Hi! I love using this app very much. my only confusion is with saving videos? I was going frame by frame and painting on each frame but then when I click save it says that I have nothing recorded. How do I save those frames while recording? thanks!

  6. James says:


    i am interested in purchasing your app, I was wondering if you can edit videos that are already in your library.




  7. Sergio says:


    I just purchased this app, I wanted to draw on a video frame by frame, but I’m having super hard times to figure out how does the record button works (sometimes it has a yellow dot on top of if) and the drawings I do frame by frame are not persisted at all.

    Is there a written guide somewhere?


    • jjxtra says:

      Hi Sergio,

      There is a tutorials link when you first open the app. When using the live camera you can do frame by frame by tapping the pause button in the bottom left then tapping the record button with the 1 inside of it. When you are ready to try another frame, tap the play button in the bottom left to resume the live feed, then pause it once you have the frame you like and tap the record button with a 1 again.

      Let me know if that makes sense.

  8. dkv says:


    I am not able to send my pic – the icon is missing  ( upgraded version )

    • jjxtra says:

      Once you tap the record button to stop, the share sheet should show up. I recommend saving to camera roll. If you want to save your video again later, open the photos app, find your video and share it from the photos app.

      If you close the share sheet in the app, you can tap the share button that appears in the top right.

      Let me know if this works for you.

  9. Mr J.J says:

    Hi I just Wrote a Positive Review and I would like some Assistance with how your Blending Brush Works Please! Cheers!


    • jjxtra says:

      Hi there! It’s probably easiest to email [email protected]. I’ll do whatever I can to help you out. If you can send a screenshot of your brush settings, and maybe describe what you are trying to do that will help me help you.

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