Liven lets you easily spice up your photos by converting them to black and white, while allowing you to colorize a portion of the photo. This draws attention to the colored area and allows you to create beautiful, striking and eye catching photos.

Liven’s intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily give your photos the look they need to stand out for business or social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, getting you more customers and followers. Simply load a photo and it becomes grayscale instantly – then tap and drag your finger to colorize and then share your creation.

Liven is a joy to use and allows zooming in and out (and panning with two fingers) for pixel perfect detail. As you zoom in, Liven will change your brush size to allow for better precision (this can be turned off in the app settings).

Liven contains a great color picker and brush tool that allows changing the color, size and intensity for advanced blending. Liven has a fast “RED” mode that allows you to see exactly what pixels you have recolored.

Liven contains a photo editor extension so you can edit right in the photos app. Liven has NO in-app purchases, no advertisements and everything is unlocked now and forever. Liven contains hundreds of levels of undo and redo, so don’t worry about making a mistake. Liven saves your work so that when you come back later, everything is exactly how you left it.

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Liven - Digital Ruby, LLC

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Dr S.Hundal
Dr S.Hundal
7 years ago

Hi Jeff

I have the pro version of your You Doodle app on different devices – all Apple. This is an excellent and extremely useful app, and I’m very grateful for your hard work.

I know I’m not using it to its full potential , I’m a very busy guy and I was wondering whether you have any video tutorials that would help me go beyond the basics (in a very easily explained manner!)





[…] The compatibility for this app requires you to have iOS 7.0 or later. The creator of this app is Digital Ruby, LLC owned by Jeff Johnson. This app takes your photos and turns them into black and white so that you […]