Month: February 2014

Bird Flight has been released and is now on the iOS App Store. Try and beat my high score of 73 if you dare!

In 1986, Fred Brooks wrote a paper about software engineering entitled “No Silver Bullet”. I won’t bore you with the gory details, but the summary is that there are complexities and difficulties in software engineering that always exist no matter

This is one of my favorite scenes from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Quark explains that “The bigger the risk, the bigger the win”. Learn to laugh at tough situations. Food for thought in life…

One indie developer (Dong Nguyen as of Feb. 4, 2014) has the #1, #4 and #9 top free apps in the iOS app store. Flappy Bird – #1 Super Ball Juggling – #4 Shuriken Block – #9 This is astonishing