Month: January 2012

I recently watched a series of slides on making a game like “Plants -vs- Zombies.” In this article, James Gwertzman writes about this game through a series of slides (which I’ll reference throughout this article). The game is made by

Connecting with other gamers. In building a game development company, one strategy Jeff and I could use is to just develop our games and put them out on the iPhone or Android app store and just sit and wait to

What Game Should I Make? This is a good question if you are thinking about making any kind of computer game, video game, or mobile game. Jeff and I recently finished making our first game together, Math Asteroids. The way we

  Is the RPG dead? I read a couple articles about the death of the RPG (role-playing-game). One was “Is the RPG Genre Dead“. The other is “The RPG Is Dead, Long Live the RPG.“. Both articles seem fairly certain

Jeff and I made Math Asteroids and it is now available for Windows Phone and XBOX 360. Yipeeeeee right? Yes, we made and released a fully functional game. We’re excited – we actually made a game and it’s in the

Remembering Old School Classic Games Remembering old school classic games. I believe this is a key to the future of gaming. I remember as a young 6th grader back at the end of the 1980’s opening a computer game box

Game development is hard. It just is. As I develop games, I feel like this girl and want to just cry. The pain, agony, and frustration of it all makes me wonder if there is an easier way… You see,