Month: January 2012

Make a 5 Star Game Like Plants VS Zombies

I recently watched a series of slides on making a game like “Plants -vs- Zombies.” In this article, James Gwertzman writes about this game through a series of slides (which I’ll reference throughout this article). The game is made by

Connecting With Other Gamers

Connecting with other gamers. In building a game development company, one strategy Jeff and I could use is to just develop our games and put them out on the iPhone or Android app store and just sit and wait to

What Game Should I Make?

What Game Should I Make? This is a good question if you are thinking about making any kind of computer game, video game, or mobile game. Jeff and I recently finished making our first game together, Math Asteroids. The way we

Is the RPG Dead?

  Is the RPG dead? I read a couple articles about the death of the RPG (role-playing-game). One was “Is the RPG Genre Dead“. The other is “The RPG Is Dead, Long Live the RPG.“. Both articles seem fairly certain

Marketing and Selling Games For Realz

Jeff and I made Math Asteroids and it is now available for Windows Phone and XBOX 360. Yipeeeeee right? Yes, we made and released a fully functional game. We’re excited – we actually made a game and it’s in the

Remembering Classic Old School Games

Remembering Old School Classic Games Remembering old school classic games. I believe this is a key to the future of gaming. I remember as a young 6th grader back at the end of the 1980’s opening a computer game box

Game Development Is Hard

Game development is hard. It just is. As I develop games, I feel like this girl and want to just cry. The pain, agony, and frustration of it all makes me wonder if there is an easier way… You see,