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  1. Mariek Hadad says:

    I blurred a photo but how can l save iT in my device(iPad mini)?


  2. Hadar Barsheshet says:

    Can I blur a face in a video I made on my iPhone?

  3. Jake Robb says:

    The description and screenshots show that this app is exactly what I was looking for. All I want to do is blur sensitive bits in my photos using the Photos extension thing. Bonus points for an uncluttered app from an independent developer.

    But when I tried it, my photo came in to the editor horribly mangled. I tried making my edit anyway, hoping it might translate back in to my photo unmangled, but the mangleage remained. Lucky for nondestructive edits! I was able to revert.


    I did some experimenting and found that this seems to happen only to photos originally taken in portrait orientation. Photos taken in landscape and then rotated don’t seem to have the problem. Hopefully an easy fix, but I’ve been a developer long enough to know I can’t assume that  🙂

    I’d love to come back and give a future version of this app five stars. On landscape photos, it’s perfect! Please keep me posted.

    In case it matters, I’m using an iPhone 6 Plus (non S) 128GB running iOS 9.3.1.

    • jjxtra says:

      Try you doodle plus and use the blur tool. Tap the plus in the top right and then choose edit a photo. Let me know if it works and that will help me know how to proceed with a fix.

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