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Cryptocurrency is Going Bananas

I posted in September about how cryptocurrency was having a party. I think it was just the pre-game show. Since that post, cryptocurrency market cap has increased by over 4x. Last I checked, market cap was around 430 billion USD.

Cryptocurrency is Partying Like it’s 1999

If you’ve been following crypto-currency this year then you know there has been a late 90’s style spike in prices. The big jump on the end of the graphs has all happened in just 6 months or so. Here

Time Management – A Small Nugget of Wisdom About Agile Software Development

The last year or so I went through some pretty rough times. Struggling with my health, back surgery, h-pylori and other concerns, I was pretty bogged down. The worst stretch was about 6 months long. During this time, I was

Apple Limits App Titles to 50 Characters, Still Doesn’t Get Search

Today (September 1, 2016), Apple announced to developers that they would be limiting app titles to 50 characters for new and updated apps. Their reasoning is that developers try to keyword stuff their titles to show up for more search

Getting a Properly Rotated UIImage from AVCaptureSession

Recently I started work on a custom camera for You Doodle. As part of this, I was overhauling the camera picker, moving away from UIImagePickerController to my own custom camera. This required diving into AVFoundation. While I have a lot

Really Cheap Home NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Recently I decided our home needed some network attached storage (NAS). This is simply a hard drive or group of hard drives that are visible on a network. I looked on Amazon for cheap WiFi routers that claimed they had

Customer Service Tips

Solving the Problem of Online Voting

Online Voting is the Future Last night I attended a caucus in Utah. The line was the slowest, longest line I have ever been in. It was hot inside, crowded and the whole event was extremely disorganized. So many, many

Shader – How to do Simple Bit Masking in an OpengL / Unity Shader

Shader – Bitmasking is Easier than you Think I recently created a Unity asset, Fast Line Renderer. I wanted different line caps so that the lines look nice. One option was to do four draw calls and four materials. I

Unity – My Experience Making Unity Assets

Unity – My Experience making Assets I’ve been making Unity assets for almost a year now. It’s been fun getting back into the game development sphere. Currently I have these Unity assets that I have put on the store. Most